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Colin Kent a partir de Zastavche, Ternopil's'ka oblast, Ukraine

Colin Kent's livro rever (7)

I liked it. It did disturb me a bit, it was so graphic in the monografia de of some things. But, I liked the ponto central of it all.
2017-04-11 01:36

Yes, I am one of the few that is rating this three stars. Why you may ask? This is a very suaves book, but really offers nothing original in the story line. It's still a good read, but I am afraid the romantic visão just doesn't suit well enough here.
2017-04-11 02:36

2017-04-11 03:36

Wonderful collection of talks on a myriad of topics. I loved the consistent theme of modern and personal revelation throughout the book.
2017-04-11 04:36

Really good. The end was not as enjoyable as the first 3/4 of the book, but definitely worth reading.
2017-04-11 05:36

It's a book every kid should read, I suppose. I always hated it as a child though, because it was so boring. Then again, I hated most cartoons too (espescially loonytoon type ones) because they were boring too. Maybe I'm a bad judge.
2017-04-11 06:36

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2017-04-11 07:36